Austrian Technology Days Hong Kong 2022 | Construction, Energy Efficiency and Mobility

Present your company at the Austrian Tech Days Hong Kong and meet potential partners in B2B video meetings

From December 5 to 7, 2022, the "Austrian Technology Days 2022" will be held in Hong Kong and virtually as part of the Tecxport initiative (TECnologie and eXPORT).  In this initiative, the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology and the FFG in cooperation with AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA support technology transfer to distant markets. In Hong Kong, a cooperation agreement between the Hong Kong and Austrian ministries responsible for innovation as well as a cooperation agreement between the Hong Kong Smart City Consortium and the Austrian Technology Cooperation can also be used.
With two major concepts "Smart City Blueprint" and "Hong Kong 2030+ ", Hong Kong has set itself the goal of becoming a more livable "smarter" city through long-term urban planning. The "Climate Action Plan 2050" aims to reduce the impact of energy generation, energy consumption, buildings, transportation and waste management and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The "Austrian Tech Days Hong Kong 2022" will continue the long-standing dialogue and series of events for the purpose of exchanging best-practice solutions between Hong Kong and Austria. In the lecture part of the Tech Days, mainly Austrian solutions from the construction energy efficiency and in the mobility sector will be presented. During the virtual B2B talks, suppliers of other Austrian smart city and municipal technologies can also get to know potential Hong Kong partners and users. 

Smart City and Urban Tech solutions for one of the most densely populated, multi-story cities in the world are being sought! The interest of the new Hong Kong government, Hong Kong business organizations such as the Business Environment Council, the Construction Industry Council and the Smart City Council, in innovative Austrian solutions remains high. Many technologies proven in Austria need to be adapted to the specific situation in megacities. Out-of-the-box-thinking is in demand! The event is particularly aimed at Austrian companies with offerings in the following areas:

Construction: digitalization, refurbishment, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, multi-storey wood hybrid buildings.
Smart Mobility: smart traffic systems, toll systems, construction site protection, pedestrian protection Smart Safety Concepts, disaster prevention, collection, use and exchange of data; 

AGENDA  (The Austrian Technology Days will be conducted mainly virtually).

  • Monday, December 5: physical launch event in Hong Kong to promote Austrian Tech Days 2022 and position Austrian expertise. 
  • Tuesday, December 6: Austrian solutions for the mobility/transportation sector will be presented together with the Business Environment Council. 
  • Wednesday, December 7: together with the Construction Industry Council, Austrian solutions for the construction/building/energy efficiency sector will be presented. 

Virtual individual appointments:

Austrian participants can present their offer on a B2Match event platform (presentation of company details, company information, publications, videos). After registration, the Hong Kong Foreign Trade Center prepares a market report including potential partners that could be approached.  Together with Hong Kong partner organizations such as the Smart City Consortium, the Business Environment Council, the Construction Indusrtry Council and the Hong Kong Green Building Council, it then promotes the opportunity to talk to Austrian participants and organizes individual meetings with potential Hong Kong interested parties from Monday, Dec. 5 to Wednesday, Dec. 7 in the morning Austrian time. The one-on-one meetings will then take place via video call at agreed times in English.


Registration/participation fee:
Limited number of Austrian participants, in case of overbooking the selection is up to the Hong Kong partner organizations (criterion: interest in the Austrian solution to be presented).
Due to the funding from the Tecxport initiative, free participation is possible.

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